Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to Book School! Days 115 and 116

Two Days:
Sunday was Palm Sunday.  JB6 did the following craft in her Sunday school class.  The best part was that she came home and explained the whole story about how people laid down their coats for Jesus as he rode his donkey into town.  I just love what she learns at Sunday School!

Math: Lesson 59, Place Value

Reading & Phonics: Lesson 41, Contractions with Have

Math: Lesson 19

Reading/Writing: Get Set for the Code: pg 42-45

Bible: Psalm 107:1

Geography: Drew Map of Australia.  Learned about and prayed for missionaries Dan and Bonnie Keagan from Australia. 

Math: Lesson 58, Number Order & Ordinal Numbers

Reading & Phonics: Lesson 42, Contractions with 's and R-Controlled Vowels ar and or

Math: Lesson 20, Hexagons and Counting to 20

Reading/Writing: Explode the Code, pg 46

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