Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday School Science Fun! Feb 12th, 91 days down!

Science Sunday

Air Power!  Science with a rocket balloon! 
You need:
-long piece of thread
-long balloon
-sticky tape
-peg (clothes pin)
Thread the string through the straw.  Then tie the string between two chairs (we used the window valance and then secured the bottom to the couch with tape so that the “rocket” could shoot “up!”) Blow the balloon up and peg the end with the clothes pin to keep the air from coming out. Tape the straw to the balloon.   From The Usborne Book of Science Activities Volume Two

The <em>Usborne Book of Science Activities</em>, <em>Volume Two</em> [<em>Book</em>]

The tapped air will rush out and propel the balloon forward.  The balloon will flatten as it moves along and the air is displaced. 



  1. Such a hands-on way to teach kids about physics! Love it!

  2. Very cool project. It's great that they can have fun while learning!

  3. That is neat... I will have to try that with my kids, they would love it!

  4. That is so much fun to do. I'll hook you up to the linky, it's at the bottom of the post.