Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011 76/175 Days to go: 99!

And so the snow begins again!
Our not-so-wild-turkeys were not the least bit deterred by the falling snow!
turkeys    turkey

Together JB6 and AN4
The children watched the snow and stayed in their pj’s all day long today! Was a kick-back, fun school day!

ABC Bible Verses: “Even a child is known by his deeds.” Proverbs 20:11

Artistic Pursuits:
“Artists Imagine: Make a picture in your mind.”  The girls took an “information-gathering trip” around the house and then drew the things that they saw.
“Look at Imagination in 20th Century France.” 
Studied Marc Chagall’s 1915 The Birthday
Using watercolor crayons, watercolor paper and a brush, the girls painted a picture of a time that they remembered and enjoyed. JB6 chose Christmas morning and AN4 chose JD1’s 1st birthday party. Works entitled: “The Dancing Christmas Tree” and “James’ Birthday.”
100_5181  100_5180

Craft Time:
Valentines for the Troops: Girls made Valentines cards for those in the military. Discussed the importance of showing appreciation to those who serve our country in the military.


  1. We love Artistic Pursuits (it was a Crew product last year!). I LOVE their Valentine's cards! I thought of doing this with the boys, but well, they're boys. LOL

  2. We also love Artistic Pursuits. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like your family enjoys art. We are getting ready to make Valentines for a Valentine Swap. My daughter is very into crafts and cannot wait.

  3. I LOVE you!!! And I love your blog! So glad to have found you! <3

  4. You make me excited to homeschool, and I tell ya, I'm a bit terrified. To help get to your goal, you might consider a blog hop. Here's one I'm doing:

  5. Robin, thank you for your kind words and thanks for following our blog! I enjoyed your blog as well! I just started for more of our stories and happenings. Separating our school record from all the other things helps me to organize my thoughts! Thanks for the bloghop idea, I will have to try and figure that out!

  6. Loving Learning at Home, A valentine swap sounds fun! Working on Valentines Day creations always makes spring seem closer! Thank you for looking at our blog! I would agree that Artist Pursuits is excellent! We are actually tackling art right now because it is NOT one of my strong suits and I wanted to make sure that the girls are exposed to the arts! Our second daughter AN4 LOVES art and so it has been really fun to watch her express herself this way! Thank you again for checking out our blog!