Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27, 2011 82/175, 93 days to go!

Together JB6 and AN4

“Signing Time” (30 minutes)

“Inquisikids Discover and Do Science”
Science with air
21. Rising Paper
22. Counting Breaths
23. How Much Can…
24. Water in Air
25. Shaking Sound
26. How You Make Sound
27. Sound Catcher

Children’s Encyclopedia pages 16-17, storms and floods: floods from too much rain, from snow and ice melting, from undersea volcanoes and earthquakes, monsoons.
Science Activity 2, #4-5

Sewing project, made a coin purse using a needle and thread.

Reading and Phonics: Lesson 31
Consonant Digraph mb

Reviewed Sparkies Lessons

Reviewed Old Testament Books

AWANA tonight

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