Thursday, March 17, 2011

108, March 17th


Devotions: AWANA tonight, Luke 2:7
Spelling: Test today, 100%
Reading and Phonics: Test today,
Out loud Reader: It’s a Nice Day from The Fox in the Box
Math: Lesson 56 Money- Pennies and Dimes

JB6 and AN4
School in a Box: pg. 11 Beginning Language Skills: Verbal Expression

This was a great investment.  The directions suggested allowing the children to play with the box for a few minutes before starting the "lessons." While playing independently, the girls automatically began organizing the items into groups by size, color and function.  They loved the memory game where they closed their eyes, I removed two of five items from their pile, and then they opened their eyes and had to state from memory what was missing.  I would definitely recommend School in a Box.  It was fun, interactive and my four year old initiated return demonstration without any prompting! This was so simple yet so effective!

"Remember, boredom is the result of too little too slowly.  Frustration comes from too much too quickly." -Joyce Herzog, School in a Box


  1. Love that saying about boredom and frustration - very true and applicable!

  2. Isn't that great? I going to hang onto that one for a while!