Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A blurred three days... 103

I am really not planning to make a habit of this but our school books have not been our main source of education these last few weeks!

In the last three days we have:

Learned about Daniel and the Lion’s Den and made a “Lion Mask” to play with.



Devo: Rock Buildings

Did school at Meme’s- school work that Meme created and had the girl’s do… still haven’t gotten the details on what exactly that entailed?

Practiced Sewing.

Several out loud readers done.

Completed one lesson from our Phonics and Reading and then had the rest of our school day interrupted by a trip to the ER (as a side note, we are all ok).

Co-op was especially fun!  Mrs. Libby brought in her fossil/rock collection and taught on the topic of earth science. 

Today was the big day to explode the volcanoes!  So much fun for all!  Thank you Ms. Amanda for braving the mess for the sake of education!



Guess we are practicing the life skills of adjusting schedules and multi-tasking.  Homeschooling is flexibility in action.


  1. So THAT is what J7 brought home - a lion's mask!!! LOL I loved your last line..."Homeschooling is flexibility in action."

  2. We could use a little flexibility around here . . . everything's always just school, homework, bed; school, homework, bed. It's too much!

  3. Sounds like a great week. Reading time, crafts-makes great memories. :)