Monday, March 14, 2011

Back at it, Day 106

JB6 and AN4

Last Night was Family Night in our home.  We closed all the curtains to keep out what little light there was sneaking through the trees at 7:30 pm. We turned on our sound system, curled up on the floor topped with pillows and blankets and listed to the amazing story of “Charlie’s Choice” from Lamplighter Theatre via CD.  Charlie is convinced that wealth is the only way to solve his family’s problems but God has other plans for Charlie.  It was a great story for all and made for a very memorable evening.  Of course, Daddy came home with ice cream which was extra exciting for everyone!

 “Charlie’s Choice” from Lamplighter Theatre
Charlie's Choice Package<br>Book and CD

Art Time: The girls delved into art work today with a new art kit that we found for $3.00 at a local store.  Most of the morning, they colored, did paint by number, used modeling clay and more! 


Out loud Reading: One chapter of The Boxcar Children, Surprise Island

Both girls applied for an account with the Maine State Books by Mail Library Program today.  We do not have a library in our town and this was the next best thing!  They are very excited!


Reading and Devotions:

-JB6 finished reading all the way through the Veggie Tales Bible Today!

-The Fox in the Box, Mike Won’t Come in

Math: Lesson 54, Time-Hour and Half Hour

Spelling/Writing: Lesson 29, Write a story about the picture


Math: Lesson 18, Ordinal Numbers, Counting to 15

Get Set for the Code: 40-41

The Teacher

Took a lesson in grammar today.  Amazing what the teacher learns in the process of teaching.  Learn more about the Semi-Colon at Our Family Forest!

Dance Class this afternoon for the girls!


  1. Ice cream always tops off a great evening, doesn't it?!

  2. Love it! I bought one of the Lamplighter Theater programs as well - a different one. And congrats on signing up for the library. Yeah!!! ;-)