Saturday, February 19, 2011

4 More Days makes 97 Down

These last few days of school have not been traditional, to say the least.  I willingly admit that we did not open our math book or science book or spelling book 
(well with the exception of when a friend wanted to see the curriculum that we use, oh the irony of this week). 

However we did MANY things
and I am ok with that.

In the last 4 days we:
-Attended Co-op where the teacher from a local museum came and shared about the precious stones of Maine.

-JB6 created her own window rock

-Play date with Caleigh

- Studied Sparkies sections

-Attended AWANA where JB6 had store night and purchased presents for everyone in her family with her Sparkies money.

-Read The Berenstain Bears Collective Stories

-Sleep over at Lily’s!

-Visited a local craft store and selected new crafts to do.

-Painted a Rabbit sculpture

-Painted Grand Prix Cars

-Assembled Grand Prix Cars

-Today, the girls attended the 2011 AWANA Grand Prix! JB6 placed 3rd for speed in the Sparkies category and AN4 placed 2nd in the Cubbies category.  They were both very excited!

JB6 informed her Sparkies teacher before the race today that “it doesn’t matter if I get a trophy, its just fun to race.”  I was so pleased with her spirit.










  1. sounds like you hit science, math and spelling without the aid of books - and way more fun!!

  2. It sounds like you have an idyllic balance in your school! We are starting implementing an idea over in Scotland called Curriculum for Excellence, which strongly promotes 'Active Learning' which is, in effect what you have just done!!!
    Well done, look forward to visiting your blog frequently!