Tuesday, February 22, 2011

98 Days down!

30 minutes of “Signing Time”

Reading- check!  JB6 is now reading through books smoothly and with ease.  Even her brother and sister enjoy listening to her now!

In her free time today, JB6 studied the different types of animals in Antarctica. She particularly liked the Elephant Seal, the Harp Seal,  and especially the Weddell Seal which we learned can remain under water for up to 40 minutes and can also break through the ice from underwater.

We read Freddie’s Farm, Penguins, It’s Too Soon, and 4 stories from The Complete Book of First Experiences (one of my personal favorite books to use when teaching reading skills!)


Basketball skills (taught by “Brahaw”) Girls learned and practiced the proper technique to dribbling a basketball.  AN4 LOVES Basketball!

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  1. Homeschooling sounds fun! In another life and time I might have done it and enjoyed it!