Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10th, 90 days down!

ABC Devotions: Letter K, “Keep your tongue from evil.” Psalm 34:13

Insisted on playing our computer Caillou game in Spanish today!  That must be educational in some way?! She is had fun repeating the words and laughing!

Math: Lesson 14: Pennies and counting to 15

Get Set for the Code: pg. 33-35

AWANA tonight

AWANA tonight

Spending the afternoon at a friend’s house for a play date.

Reviewed Sparkies Lessons

Math: Drill completed, improved time to 60 seconds! Math Test #5 completed, 100%!

Reading and Phonics: Lesson 36, Words with x
Outloud Reader: Fox in the Box

Spelling: Introduced new spelling words (lessons 26-30) like, hide, time, pie, tie, eye, mile, find, mix, my, mine, was, were.  Practiced writing the new words.

Life Skills: Discussed what a budget is and how to manage an allowance.  We may begin giving her an allowance soon!

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