Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb 3rd, 2011- 85 days down, 90 days to go!

JB6 and AN4
ABC Devotions: “Honor your father and mother.” Exodus 20:12

AWANA: Completed her Sparkies book reviewtonight, completing her book for a second time!  She has now moved on to the Sparkies Wing Runner Frequent Flyer Extra Credit Cards. 
Reading and Phonics: Lesson 34, Digraph wr
Outloud Reader: The Wrong Present from Fox in the Box

Lesson 47, Word Numbers, Eleven to Twenty
Lesson 48, Money-Nickels
Addition Flash Cards

Math: Lesson 12
Get Set for the Code: pg 26

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  1. YEAH JB6! She did great getting her book finished AND reviewed and it's only Feb!!! ;-)